To some it’s been a difficult season to learn a new lifestyle. Some have adjusted while to others it’s a total mess.

Staying at home daily, have your family 24/7 means adjustment in terms of finance, communication, interactions, emotional and spiritually. It’s a new season of adapting to new measures of budgeting and time planning for different activities in one location.

To some the basics are to worry about while others can comfortably afford their moment at home for while. Let’s  not hide our heads in the sand. The truth is Covid 19 has adversely affected our mind and honestly the OTC medication for migrains and antidepressants is on the higher use.

From family conflicts, gender based violence, suicide, hunger, disease, trauma and stress are reported on a daily basis unlike before. Its no longer easy to provide food on the table for a person who cannot access his working place, fare to destinations is almost double with a paycut to the salary if one has it.

The mental torture for the covid 19 symptoms is taking people down. A day cannot barely pass without feeling a sore throat itch, a cough, a headache, fake fever etc which all related to covid. When you think about your family and all the people you have been into contact with it give more stress.


Share what you feel, open up and you will realize that you are not alone, the far that you have come was not by your effort but through the supreme and yes you can still overcome COVID19 stress.

We shall be highlighting with more information soon.

Stay Safe Stay Healhy.