I have done alot of bush outreach but little of slum outreaches, this week I had a chance to do one on one slum evangelism @kibra and I can tell you it’s a ministry that needs more.

The needs in the slum are really wanting with poor housing, food,drinking water and health.

One minute we’re just 10 meters from the house we were ministering and I noted smoke coming from the Iron sheet, I asked my collegue,”is that house on fire?” The next minute we were trying to rescue the household from different houses, in 20 minutes 8 houses were burnt to ash.

The children were crying as we carried them,some naked,I saw the tears of the women as they tried to salvage their belonging,huge mattresses,huge boxes and because their husband were at work,it was their time to salvage anything they could.

We collected all the gas cylinders to one house, all the kids to one house for safety.

We tried to open one house but we couldn’t and later on a loud bang was heard after a gas cylinder exploded.

It’s yet another day, another struggle for the slum dwellers.

Keep the gospel moving.

It’s at @kibera nairobi (the biggest slum in Kenya and second in Africa).

Support buy cloths,food,mattresses and clothing for kids


Sendwave/mpesa/worldremit +254 721 483 124

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