As I follow my call to reach the remote unreached people where missioners ignore, I happened to get a request from the Headmaster of Rombo primary school in Masa land last year October. This time we went on the eastern part of maasai community.

The mission began on Friday 29th going for 3 days in the wilderness.

We drove for 300km reaching the untarmacked roads that leads to deserted families and community.

Our arrival at the school with 400 pupils marked the excitement of both teachers and pupils who enjoyed the training on Sanctity of human life and transformation talks. We donated reusable and underwear’s to 170 girls and gave some gifts to boys as well. The masai community is lagging behind on civilization and so the children as from grade 4 they are already on their menstrual since they are older enough.

There was one sad case of a girl who committed suicide after getting pregnant from a case of being impregnated by a motorcycle rider who used to buy her sanitary and a ride to school. It was actually 2 days after the death of the 13yrs old girl. If someone had donated sanitary to this girl, she wouldn’t have been seduced by sanitary leading to pregnancy and death.

The whole mission was worthy our sacrifice.

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