Mpakasi mission

Date: Aug 2021





Maize floor


Cooking oil


Sanitary Towels

Girls underwear’s

Water filters

The Mission

We were hosted by a local government administrative office (Area chief) who is also the revered of the church.  He oversees 5 churches in different village.

The roads are Impassable and at many times we were forced to have some of us walking and pushing the car on the soil, muddy and rocky terrains.

The teachers were amazed that there is no other organization that has visited them with such support, the headmistress had called me and requested for few maize flour to be preparing porridge for the lower grade kids at the school.

We gave sanitary towels and girls panties, water filters, biro pens.

We donated food to school for the young kids and also water filter

It was his first day for Caleb to sleep at a manyatta house so he got afraid and had to sleep with his shoes on.

Mama odoresei

She is blind, over 80yrs and has nobody taking care of her.

She lives with only her 3 yr old grandson and its pastor who feeds him.

Ole mukana

Old man living with his wife, the children abandoned him and left him with his wife Esther ilienyi. They have a son called Ole manina who has a deformed left leg which if taken for plaster it can straighten up.

Matlin He has 4 yrs old and had a deformed lips which were operated upon but it healed only from out.

The mouth and nose has a one big hole he needs reconstruction surgery for the nose.

He never breasts fed because he couldn’t use his mouth and nose had a big hole

Sometimes when he eats the food will get out of the nose in case he caught or sneezes.

If he gets a common cold, it makes life hard because the mucus comes through nose and mouth.

This is the son before operation and the picture below is after theoperation. His outside physical appearance is appealing with a lovely smile but inside her mouth lay his biggest medical problem. He has a very big hole connected to mouth and nose


We did more feeding as we stretched for over 80kms along the river as we were going to deliver the water filters in the same location that I earlier found the residents taking drinking the dirty water.

 Gave out food at the river side

River side feeding

Preached the gospel through the water filters

The residents were glad to see the water filters, it was their first time and you could see the amazement.

One elderly man said

“We have been drinking this water and we know it’s dirty, sometimes we find dead animals but we continue drinking for lack of clean water.

Ole mitian said

This river is the same that sewage is poured to some 50km from here at a town called Narok, yet it’s the same water we drink but we have no other option.

A woman said

This will save my grandchildren against cholera and typhoid.

Old man

The smell and the taste of the water has changed.

They got amazed by the water filters

The questions

Does the filter have chemicals which can harm us?

Can you bring the filters to the whole community and we shall call everybody to come here?

What is their span of the water filter?

Can you repair it incase it’s destroyed?

I think one manyatta one water filter.

Church feeding

We had over 100 members from the community who gathered for food and also gear the word of God. The church members were around 40 with another 60 coming from the community.

We used the feeding program to evangelize and reach them with the word of love.

There were over 11 old windows who came and we gave them double portion.

We also gave the lame,blind and disabled from the community.

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