For them life has been a fate and not fair. We found Kwekais wife inside her house. They have a son who is 6 months. They visit clinic twice in a month. The son is called lempapa. He was diagnosed to have a hole in the spine and underwent 2 surgeries. Afterwards the fluid moved to the head and now he has overgrown head. That’s their first born son and the only kid they have. No employment, they sold all the goats they had for treatment and now they just wait for the unknown

The problem started at birth with a hole in the back of spine. He has an inserted tube on his head to reduce the fluid while at 2months but It has not helped at all.

The surgeries and treatment were done at Tenwek Bomet (The hospital which was referred by one donor to take Joel). That’s where he was treated. For 4 months the pipe hasn’t helped.

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