Easter service in the wildness-MOSIRU FOOD DISTRIBUTION

Easter service in the wildness-MOSIRU FOOD DISTRIBUTION

Date: 1st April to 5th Aprilth December 2021






2021 Easter season was marked differently having covid 19 pandemic in the world. Kenya was not left out and the country 5 counties were on lockdown. Luckily we were in the same region locked hence gave us an access to visit and feed the Mosiru communities.

We left in the afternoon after picking the sanitary towels and underwear’s for the girls. We arrived at Oloika and spent the night there.

We started our mission on Fridays morning by visiting several homes which will be explained in the highlights. At some point we had to leave our car and cross the River Ewaso Nyiro to distribute food there. Some of the families had to come and pick their food at the river bank.

We then proceeded for another 5 miles carrying the food on motor cycle while we walked just to deliver the Easter gift to a 80 yrs, old blind man. On Saturday, I didn’t know what awaited us for the day, I thought it would be easy for us to reach the villager, we woke up at around 6am and drove for two hours where our host Pastor Moses Pakion was to pick us, he had told me that my car cannot drive through the rough terrain unless I was driving a land cruiser or Prado model, (I think I need one…..) I thought with my driving skills I could make it. We arrived

at the meeting point after 2hr drive ahead of him and I tried to move ahead to meet him on the way. I realized we were on an impossible mission when elders and children came to see our vehicle, they thought I am their member of parliament and one elder asked me, ‘’Are you coming to access our road so that you can repair?’’ I had pastor Michael who then explained that we are missioners trying to reach Mosiro. They then told us that we cannot make even an extra kilometer and true to their word, we had to drive back to the center and wait for our host to come for us.

In about 30 minutes later, Pastor Moses arrived with his motorcycle, we carried our stuff and left two of my team members in the car.

The terrain was so rough that we had at countless times get out of the motorcycle and walk. At half of our journey, the motorcycle tire bust, we had to wait for one hour for another motorcycle to bring another tire, the journey took us 3hrs.

On arrival we immediately commenced feeding house to house to different families with different needs as you will see in the highlights.

Still we had to use bushes to ease ourselves, NO TOILETS.

It wasn’t just a feeding program but a FULL MINISTRY

As always I did more house to house feeding than the mass feeding, though on Sunday I gave food to 80 people from the church and their friends

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