We did our sewing and got 317 pairs of sanitary towel.

We were able to donate the sanitary towels and the panties to the needy girls and women amongst the maasai community at Mbakasi area. This happened simultaneously with the project 97 feeding program.

We were a team of 6 from Nairobi and joined by our local pastor Michael. We left at 4am to reach our destination at noon, we had our lunch and commenced our school program. We visited Pakase Primary school which has over 300 students on upper classes. We did our normal teaching on values, anti-abortion. We later donated to 156 girls the reusable sanitary towels and panties. Boys were not left out for they were also given Biro pen and encouraged to be the positive changers of the society.

The remaining sanitary towels were distributed during house to house visit and during church service

Also we gave out 106 biro pen to boys at pakase primary school.

One girl came and asked Joska (one of our coworker), were you giving out only 2 underwear’? She said yes, why and the girl said, thank you because I didn’t not have any, these will help me a lot

Another girl came and said that k you for the sanitary towels, sometimes I don’t go to school and my mum beats me without knowing that I am lacking sanitary to use while in school.

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